Baltica 660 weekend

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This family motor yacht is designed for family recreation at sea, lake and all inland waters. The boat is designed for a 4-person family with an overnight stay or 6 friends for a daytime leisure holiday.


The speed of movement is a plus for those who want to be in several places in a short time. When designing a yacht for you, we've made every effort to create exactly the boat we would expect for a weekend rest. Łódź Baltica 660 weekend, has 4 beds, 2 on the bow and 2 in mess after folding the table, sea toilet, shower, kitchen, cupboards, deep locker for necessary things, messy, TV, and external mattresses, which will make the rest outside the boat more enjoyable , for example, mattress for sunbathing and resting on the roof, outdoor table.


Mounted elevated engine, allows you to moor in very shallow marinas, or shallower lake waters.The boat can be successfully used for anglers. The speed of movement to the fishery is definitely the advantage of this boat.

Baltica 660 weekend is a comfort during a cruise inside the cockpit, and outside with an optional table, relax and rest.


  • Overall length 6.6 m
  • Overall width 2.48 m
  • Fuel tank 135 l 
  • Number of people 6
  • Draft without engine 0.34 m
  • Weight without engine 1300 kg
  • Reservoir feces opc. 40 l
  • Maximum power 150 HP
  • CE certification cat C
  • Water tank 45l

In the additional option bimini (outdoor tent), which will protect you from rain, when you want to stay outside during the cruise. A carefully designed kitchenette equipped with a spirit stove and an internal sink, will enable us to prepare a quick meal without having to enter the port marina. Bathroom equipped with sea toilet and a tank + shower will allow us to refresh even when we are far from the mainland, without having to be moored in the port. Lighting inside the boat has several colors, which allows you to relax in calm red, green, blue light or intense white will allow you to work or read your favorite books.


Boats manufactured by us, can be equipped with Merkury 150, 115, 90 engines depending on the needs and preferences of the customer. 4-stroke engines, deep-vane fuselage "v" gives the stability and prowess of the boat on a large sea wave. The boat achieves a speed of 30 knots when using the 150 engine.


Stylish design, careful finishing by experienced professionals, and reliable construction, as well as high-class equipment Baltica 660 weekend offers you shipyard Craft Yacht Poland with headquarters in Niestków /k.Ustki province. Pomeranian. Here, after making an appointment, you can view our boats that were produced for the season of 2018 and act as a charter boat - holiday.

  • Santa Pola 2018
  • Santa Tijo 2018
  • San Miguel 2018

For decisive customers, we offer a short boat test at sea to present the product. Possibility of a cruise from April to October depending on the weather. Our boat's home harbor is Ustka.

We cordially invite you to cooperate, buy and play on our boats

  • complete set of stainless steel railings
  • helmsman's chair
  • 4 folding cleats
  • interior upholstery
  • fore sail of the anchor
  • lowered table in the cockpit
  • Hydraulic steering with steering wheel
  • toilet cubicle with a wash basin
  • navigational lighting led
  • chemical toilet
  • LED interior lighting
  • curtains
  • external LED lighting
  • fender strip
  • electric panel control panel
  • fold-out seat over the transom
  • glass front window, glued
  • bow anchor lift, anchor -8 PLN 100
  • trap flap -3000pln
  • heating 2kw-7 600 PLN
  • cockpit tent -7 500pln
  • fridge30l - 3 300pln
  • handles for fenders, fenders -2 300pln
  • bow thruster -7 350pln
  • Wc marine, faeces tank - 6,000 PLN
  • spirit stove -1 600 PLN
  • gaps transferred to the roof -3 500 PLN
  • right wiper -1 500pln
  • flag szt2020pln
  • left windscreen wiper -1 500pln
  • additional battery - 105Ah -1 200pln
  • pioneer audio system, 4 loudspeakers -1600pln
  • edge power supply -6 700pln
  • hot water, setters -5 200pln
  • navigation equipment on request

electronic equipment selected individually, prices do not include VAT - 23%