About us

The Craft Yachts Poland shipyard is none other than a team of people who love great water and are directly connected with it.

The seas, lakes and oceans are not alien to us, which is why time has come for new challenges such as motor boats and all components that are associated with them. The products that we design, build and design for you are made of passion for yachting.


We put the whole heart in yachts and boats and create for you a product that we would expect. We are characterized by extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We approach each client individually and we are always honest with him. We offer help from the first stages of the project to the moment of equipment. Well thought-out interior design and careful selection of finishing materials and technical equipment guarantee a successful and joyful holiday. In the work on our boats, we took into account not only our own experience, but also knowledge gained by other users of motor boats. Our team consists of the specialists themselves who watch over the product that leaves the shipyard Craft Yacht Poland satisfied even the most demanding customers. The final effect will definitely surprise you. We pay special attention to customer service. We guarantee unlimited comfort and safety on our boats. In our modern machine park, we manufacture all components for seagoing vessels, inland vessels, yachts, sailboats, and our pearls, motorboats and houseboat.

We make your dreams come true, this is our goal - to build probably the best boat in the world.

 We - we guarantee comfort.

You - choose the boat model in which you will feel best ... You and your family.

Our boats are for people with similar interests to ours.

Wild beaches, Scandinavian cliffs, battering with the sweet flag of the lake are our boats for those experiences and many memories. If you love an active holiday and want to fish in the open waters of the seas and lakes, you can swim on the wakeboard, sunbathe where you are, water and sun, jump into crystal clear water, and enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.

We will help you make your dreams come true ... .. We design, build, realize and deliver to you.

 And you? ... You plan your holiday today ....