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Optymist was designed in 1947 by American Clark Milis.


Optymist is a yacht approved by the International Sailing Federation, only for sailors under 16 (the year counts). This boat is the most popular in the world among children and young people starting their adventure with sailing. The optimist produced by Craft Yacht Poland is made of fiberglass in accordance with all regulations and class norms.


In the hulls made of polyester-glass laminate, 3 displacement tanks from Optiparts company (balloons) were used, each tank was attached with hull strips to pieces 3, and reinforced material.

As a manufacturer, we offer for sale training sailboats without a measurement certificate, and sailboats so-called. regatta with full IODE documentation.


  • Length 232 cm
  • Width 113 cm
  • Height 235 cm
  • Hull weight 35 kg
  • Sail 3.5m²

Boats produced by our shipyard, we can fully equip, but then please send your inquiry specifying the expectations, which will enable us to prepare an appropriate valuation.


Craft Yacht Poland, which begins its adventure with the production of an optimist, offers fast delivery times, professional and careful workmanship, the ability to transport up to 200 km, discounts with larger orders and friendly service.


Possibility to order equipment and sails to the optimist. We cordially invite you to cooperate with sailing clubs that are interested in the development and purchase of good boats carefully made with a guarantee to train children and youth in Poland and all over Europe.

Hull equipment:

  • Displacement tanks 3 pcs. White (at an additional cost it is possible to order colors)
  • A set of fastening belts with belts
  • deck bearing-board
  • Adjustable mast foot
  • Sword box erasers
  • Adjustable weight belt
  • Block mounting - 1 rotary, 1 permanent
  • Mast fixing - ear